Our Team

Unser Team
Executive Board

Executive Board

Für die Struktur im Verein sind 5 Vorstandsmitglieder zuständig, welche die vielfältigen Aufgaben rund um den Verein unter sich aufteilen:


Focusproject 2023-2024

Our current project from 2023-2024 consists of 10 ETH mechanical and electrical engineering students.

Electric Module

Leandro Catarci


Robin Peter

Lead Electric & Software

Andres Neff

Engineer Electric & Software

H2 Module

Lars Meyer

Lead hydrogen & Sponsoring

Niclas Tenud

Engineer Hydrogen

August Strotz

Engineer Hydrogen

Mechanical Module

Gian Martens

Technical Lead

Tabea Moser

Engineer Mechanical

Nick Steiner

Engineer Mechanical

Marius Robinson

Engineer Mechanical


In addition to the 10 focus students, we are assisted by our freelancers

Hannah Pochert
Andrea Montanari
Dario Furrer
Fabian Danner
Gian Götsch
Julian Hofmann
Kay Obermeier
Marco Meili
Nathan Ochsenbein
Noé Hofmann
Takashi Ferrari

Cellsius Project H2

The 2022-2023 project consisted of 16 ETH mechanical and electrical engineering students. They developed the drivetrain for Project H2.

Markus Metzler


David Tschan

Hydrogen Engineer

Julian Weber

Lead Software Engineer

Matteo Costan

Lead Cooling System

Simon Jutzi

Lead Subsystem Inverter & PR

Aline Pellegrini

Engineer Battery & PR

Frederic Huwyler

Technical Lead Electrical System

Lina Schenk

Engineer Motor & Sponsoring

Michael Haslinger

Engineer DC/DC Converter

Simon Zinsli

Technichal Lead Hydrogen

Kerim Tapan

Engineer Fuel Cell Cooling

Cedric Mägli

Engineer Fuel Cell System

Gidon Pahls

Engineer Cooling System

Luca Santoni

Engineer Fuel Cell System

Roman Hliddal

Lead Battery & PR

Tobias Graf

Engineer DC/DC Converter & Recruitment



Focus project 2021-2022

The project from 2021-2022 consisted of 8 ETH mechanical and electrical engineering students. They made the e-Sling fly and developed a first version of the fuel cell system.


Focus project 2020-2021

The 2020-2021 project consisted of 12 ETH mechanical and electrical engineering students. They developed the drivetrain for the e-Sling and assembled it.



Of course, the whole thing would not be possible without our supporters!

Former Supporters