Association Cellsius

Verein Cellsius

Our Motivation

Due to the current challenge of combining environmental protection and technological progress, we are looking for a way to implement this in general aviation.

The Cellsius association supports the focus projects that implement these goals as much as possible and forms an alumni structure with the members of former focus projects.

Focus projects

The focusprojects

With the help of a professor and a main supervisor, ETH provides the framework conditions for a focus project in addition to the infrastructure. The CELLSIUS association then makes the technical knowledge from previous projects available to the new projects.

Together they focus on education, the environment, technology and economic efficiency:


Encourage highly motivated young ETH engineers and create a general enthusiasm for electrified aviation.


For the first time in human history, we can make operational air transport sustainable and reduce CO2 emissions by 100% and noise pollution by 75%.


As part of an ETH focus project, we are building an electric aircraft with a large battery range. In this way, ETH is supporting forward-looking fundamental technical research for the electrification of the aviation industry.


With the further development of battery technology, electro-aviation offers interesting economic prospects in the medium to long term. We are deepening the knowledge required for this with an alliance of industrial partners, thereby strengthening Switzerland as a business location.

Why Cellsius?

Why the name "CELLSIUS"? 

On the one hand, the name contains the word "CELL", which alludes to both the battery cell and the fuel cell. On the other hand, our goal is already integrated in the name with the reference to the unit of measurement of temperature: To make aviation more sustainable and to meet the 1.5 degree target of the Paris Climate Agreement. 

Executive Board

Executive Board

6 board members are responsible for the structure of the association and divide the various tasks around the association among themselves:


Further information

Politicians are also aware of the challenge and thus provide guidelines. Our main focus is on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, six of which we consider particularly important for our project.