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Focus projects

Focus projects

Specially committed students have the opportunity to take part in a focus project in the last year of their studies. Over the course of an academic year, students can prove themselves in the real world of engineering. The self-financed projects are implemented in close cooperation with the industry. This experience offers a tremendous learning curve and forges the extraordinary engineers of tomorrow. 

Unsere Projekte

Abflug e-Sling / Nachfolgerprojekt H2

The last two focus projects dealt with the development of a 4-seater electric aircraft. Since September 2020, 20 students have been working on the layout, construction, and design of the e-Sling for two years. With the first flight of the e-Sling on September 19, 2022, we are looking back on a major milestone. Other powertrains are also to be researched and tested with new focus projects. Project H2 has been working on the development of a fuel cell system since September 2021. In the following year, the hydrogen drive train is to be completed from this so that it can be integrated into a new small aircraft in the near future, and we can climb new horizons in sustainable aviation! Be there and follow us on our way!


The all electric Airplane e-Sling

The e-Sling is based on a Sling TSi, which has been adapted for electrification. Equipped with a modular battery system, the e-Sling will offer a range of 200 km for four people.


4 Passengers

The e-Sling offers space for four passengers.


44 kWh Energy

The modular battery system can store up to 44 kWh of energy.


110 kW Power

The built-in electric motor has a maximum power of 110 kW.


180 km Range

Thanks to the modified wings, the e-Sling can fly up to 180 km.


By patrick / 31 May 2022

Veranstaltung für Interessierte Studenten

Unter dem Namen ‘interest drinks and bbq’ fand in unserem Hangar in Dübendorf eine Informationsveranstaltung statt. Studierende waren dazu eingeladen, sich über unsere Projekte zu informieren und unser aktuelles Team kennenzulernen. Der Event startete um 18 Uhr und die anwesenden Studierenden hatten zunächst die…

By patrick / 11 May 2022

Einbau Antriebsstrang – begleitet von SRF Einstein

Am Freitag, 6. Mai, war es endlich so weit und der Antriebsstrang der e-Sling konnte in das Flugzeug eingebaut werden. Vorab konnte die Testkampagne erfolgreich abgeschlossen werden. Dabei war der Antriebsstrang im Testcontainer verbaut und so konnten diverse Lastzyklen abgefahren werden. Als dann alle…